Hi, Thank you for visiting my site, 
 This site attempts to give you an idea of what  I
 have done both past and present, 
 you can listen to some of my own material in the
 audio player along side,
 they are a selection of songs from my two  albums,
 Life and No place to hide, they are all my own songs,
 apart from Old love, which is a Robert Cray song
 I am singing and I am playing all Guitars, I hope you
 enjoy the songs,
 they and others are available to purchase as
 downloads from the store and some are available on itunes
search for Geoff Slater

 If you need a Guitar player or a singer, a Teacher,
 or even if you would Like to chat, 
 please feel free to get in touch
I have been a member of the Registry of Guitar tutors since 1994
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I am experianced at touring and recording and I have been involved in various bands over the years as a guitarist and singer at all levels. My style tends towards rock or Blues, but I am happy with all genres. I spent most of the 80's in and around London Studios playing all styles, I started playing the guitar at age 7, after the initial dissapointment of not getting hold of a Rolf Harris Stylaphone, I learnt all the Beatles songs before discovering Led Zeppelin and T rex, that was it for me, I released two Solo albums in the late 90's currently out of print, a selection of the songs are in the player and available for download in the store. At the moment I am working on my own material as well as teaching guitar, I have been a member of the RGT since 1995, however I am looking to be part of a band again so feel free to get in touch. 



click on CD cover above to purchase songs from itunes

click on CD cover above to purchase songs from itunes

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