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In 2014 The mescal canyon troubadors hit Gary Bulls studios in Chesham to record some songs, with the intention of releasing them as an album.

Chattahoochie coochie man was sent to New York and Danny Flam ( Emmy award winner and Kanye West collaborator ) added a horn arrangement to it
it was Mastered at abbey road and released as a Single

Following on from that, Walking with the devil was mastered at Abbey road and released,

the album release was postponed until March 2015 because we have a Gig at the "100 club"
In Londons west end and it will be the Launch party

December 2014 Chattahoochie coochie appears on "the Blues magazine" Bands to watch cover CD

March 2015 opening for "Laurance Jones" at the "100 club" album launch
but the album didn't materialise,
after discussions with Bo I leave the band

because of the interest expressed by a few of you, and the mounting pressure to hear them,
here are the tracks as I heard them  they are rough, unmastered and not available for download
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